Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Playa by Night

The best times to see the artwork on the Playa at Burning Man are at night and at sunrise. 
My friends Donna, Pam and Brian invited me to take a night tour of the Playa artwork with them.
Jackie in my camp helped me light up my bike and my jacket.
The nights on the desert are a bit chilly, which I liked after the hot windy days.

A jungle gym for adults.

This thing wiggled and wobbled and twisted and turned.

Everything is lit up and colorful on the Playa at night.

Classical music relaxes participants 

The Temple at night. It reminds me of a Cornucopia.

Lights and movement

Memorials and tributes to those who have left us. I posted memorials to my daughter Maya.

Our loved ones, both people and pets, who have passed on.

These look like they would be for parking bikes, but they're not. You always had to be careful to lock up your bike because many were stolen at Burning Man. Or shall we say, accidentally taken by someone who was too out of it to realize that wasn't their bike, or thinking it was a gift from the universe.

Clowns were especially popular this year at Burning Man with the theme of Carnival of Mirrors.

Loving the Lady

Donna, Pam and Brian at night.

Watching Thunder Dome action. Something out of Mad Max.

Art car prowling the Playa

This lotus temple was one of several structures that was burned at Burning Man.

I heard that this flaming octopus may be retired next year. It seems to tower over the Man in this photo, but it's just an optical illusion.

I have no idea how many Burning Mans this flaming octopus has been to, but it's a lot.

Cute couple at the Man.

At the base of the Man.

Reaching for the Moon and Stars. These cool hands are actually in the campgrounds, not the Playa.

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