Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Scenes from the Playa at Burning Man 2015

The artwork on the Playa is one of the biggest attractions to Burning Man.

Black Rock Desert is the victim of sudden dust storms in which you sometimes can barely see a foot in front of your face.

Sunset on the Playa

If you look closely, you will see a couple fast asleep inside this bear.

There they are.

Early morning hours were always my favorite. Dancers at the Woman on the Playa.

Notice the Playa dust on my cheeks and in my hair.

Touring the Playa in the early morning.

This art exhibit was like an oasis in the desert. Small speakers played the sounds of waterfalls and jungle. Very refreshing. I expected a mist of water too.

I enjoyed an art exhibit of cameras along the outer fence. The perimeter of Burning Man is 7 miles. It took me two mornings to complete it because there was so much to see and do along the way....like filling plastic bags with garbage that had blown to the fence.

I came across a wedding in the far corner of the Playa one morning. The pastor's t-shirt reads "God is. Therefore I am." The word "God" was made up of smaller words that said, "Love." It seemed appropriate.

I know everybody wants to see photos of naked people at Burning Man, so here's one. In general, photographers are advised not to post naked photos in which the subject is recognizable without consent.

A new friend named Claire. She wants to invite her mom next year.

This was one of my favorite parties near the far side of the Playa. I doubt they ever sleep.

An art car. I tried to research how many art cars there were at Burning Man and I found out there are also Mutant Vehicles. So now I'm more confused. But there were a lot, and very creative. The speed limit is 5 MPH.

Looking back at Burning Man campgrounds from the fence.

The Esplanade by bike. I ride my bike every day at home, so it was exciting to see so many people on bikes, which is really the best way to travel around Black Rock City....or any city, as far as I'm concerned.

Another token picture of a naked burner...except his tennies and hat.

Riding into the sunset.

The bunny march. I never saw so many bunnies, including the Bunny Band.

They were marching towards the Carrots, but the Carrots were definitely outnumbered.

A naked bunny.

You know, if you cover up your nipples, then your breasts aren't really showing.

Several members of Camp Journeylizm took a tour of the Playa by art car. Several bikes followed close by to hear our guide's spiel.

I met someone else from Santa Cruz. She told me that Madyson Middleton's photo was in the temple where I put Maya's photo too. They burned together on Sunday night.

Our art tour guide with the pitchfork in front of our vehicle. I rode on top.

Another art car on the Playa.

Penny the Canadian goose.
Penny was made of 120,000 US and Canadian pennies.

This couple is in their late 60s and drove out from Chicago with an RV dragging their golf cart. She's been 7 times. This is his 2nd Burn. I wondered how long they'd been together, but didn't ask.

Feeling alive.

I'm crazy about this Wonder Woman. She lives in France, but travels the world. Very successful.

Every morning I found people sleeping on the Playa.

I also was surprised how many times I saw people doing their thing right out in public.

But everything is OK at Burning Man.

View of the Playa from the zip line tower.

A distant view of the Man and the Temple.

A mountain of free tutus on Tutu Tuesday.

Circus Basura -- Trash Circus

The Man

The Man Guards asked me to take their group shot.

Guarding the Man.

It's easy to get lost in the desert during the white outs.

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