Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Back in Dominican Republic

I'm just holding this space for now. After we crossed the border on Feb. 15 we stopped off at L'Oase Racquetball Club and Hotel, near Puerto Plata on the north coast of Dominican Republic. We're good friends with the owner Joseph "Jose" Kruchten and his Dominican girlfriend Vashti and her sons.

Then we went into Santo Domingo and stayed with Andre's friend Junior for two nights. I spent the whole time preparing the packet of photos, documents, receipts from our travels, Skype records, etc. to prove our relationship to the U.S. Consulate on March 25.

Andre just left me off at the airport. We'll only be separated about 6 weeks this time, our shortest separation ever. But Andre predicts it will be the hardest because this time we've really gotten used to being together. In the past five months we were rarely apart even an hour at a time. I think it'll be good for us to have some space and be able to see how we feel about each other from a distance. Mostly, I'm really looking forward to him coming to Santa Cruz. I think he's going to love it there.

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