Monday, September 15, 2008

Hurricanes Hit Haiti

PHOTOS from Jacmel, a cute little touristy town on the southern coast of Haiti which Andre and I visited last year.

Thank you to everyone who asked about Andre's family during these past weeks, as Haiti got slammed by one hurricane after another. Fortunately, everyone in his family is doing okay. Most of them live in the capitol Port-au-Prince, which wasn't hit as badly as Gonaives where hundreds have died and near riots broke out over relief food and water. He has a cousin in Les Cayes, which also got pounded pretty badly, but she and her family are okay also.

Our American friend Khadija who used to work for USAid:Haiti and now works in Sudan, sent us these photos of Jacmel, a cute little beach town on the southern coast that Andre and I visited last year. It's strange to see it under water. We stayed in a hotel right on the beach, which must have suffered damage.

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