Saturday, September 13, 2008

Back in Santa Cruz

We've been back about a week now. The racquetball courts at UCSC are closed for renovations, so we can't play for another week or two. Andre is taking Level 4 ESL classes. While he's in school, I alternate swimming laps and Zumba dance class.

We started back at martial arts class, but will have to miss two more weeks when Andre takes his soccer referee certification classes in San Jose. Had I been more on the ball, he could have done the 18-hour course in the summer in Santa Cruz. But now it's only offered 50-minutes from here. The good news, the whole course is only $25 and he'll be qualified to ref soccer matches for the Santa Cruz Youth Soccer league by the end of this month.

Our friend Hubert is in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic celebrating his 50th birthday. His fiancee Antonia, her family and friends, all journeyed to the north coast to celebrate with him. Fortunately, the hurricanes have passed D.R. and Haiti, and Hubert says the weather has been nice and hot since he got there a few days ago.

Yesterday, Andre and I drove to the Application Support Center in Salinas to do his fingerprints. They said he'd probably get his green card in a couple of weeks, which will allow him to renew his California ID and apply for a learner's permit to start driving.

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