Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I Can Tell I've Been in the 3rd World Too Long Because:

1. I cheer like everyone else whenever the electricity comes on.

2. I only brace myself for the first 2 or 3 splashes of cold water when I bathe. After that it feels good.

3. I start thinking that Toyota Corollas were built for 7 passengers.

4. I forget that in other places in the world it's okay to put toilet paper in the toilet.

5. I get used to picking up words in a conversation, but never quite understanding.

6. whenever I see a white person I have to stare.

7. I start believing that men are the bosses and women should do as they are told.

8. in the morning I wake up hungry for rice and beans, instead of cereal.

9. before entering the bathroom I make sure there's a bucket of water for bathing and flushing the toilet.

10. I'm almost getting used to the blasting stereos & TVs, motorcycles without mufflers, neighbors shouting at each other, car horns blaring, dogs barking, roosters crowing, babies crying...all at once.

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