Friday, September 21, 2007

What a relief!

Looks like everything's fine with my left breast. When I went in for an ultrasound yesterday afternoon, the technician said she didn't see anything to be concerned about, although I haven't heard it officially from the doctor yet. She wished me a great trip with Andre, so that was encouraging. The woman who did my mammogram on Monday was there too. She told me to ask for her again next year, adding "I want to see a wedding ring on your finger." Obviously, I've been opening my big mouth about my plans.

Today is the last day to finish the DVD project of Maya's memorial party. I had no idea how time consuming it would be. I'm paying a fortune to Larry Gale the video editor, but it will all be worth it when I have the final project in hand before I get on that plane. I think I'm going to pay $35 to Jet Blue to leave one day later, on Sept. 26, so I can arrive the 27th when my friend Hubert does. He's renting a car, which will save me $30 in taxi fare (actually, I think I paid $50 last time because Andre rode out to the airport with Pedro the taxista to meet me). And it gives Larry one more day to produce the DVDs. I want to take a dozen or so with me for all the Maya fans in Dominican Republic and South America (Mexican friend Gabriel is studying in Uruguay and my cousin Zack and his girlfriend Soraya live in Chile). My friend Lisa, Larisa's mom, is going to be sending out the bulk of them, plus leaving 100 or more at Westlake School office, so you can call her if you want to be sure to get one: 831-458-5381.

I'll write more after today. I have so much work to do still, finding the photos I want to include in the project. So I better get started. I was at Larry's studio until 1 a.m. last night.

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