Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ventura, California

PHOTO CAPTIONS: 1. Sally and John's dog Scruffles with the new Marina Park mosaic, 2. Andre and Sally, 3-5. Andre and me in John and Sally's yard and at the marina, 6-8. Having fun on the zip line, 9. a happy fishermen with two unlucky halibuts. It was really great to see our friends John and Sally Richards in Ventura. Their artist son Eric was visiting when we first arrived. He's always been a free-spirit and now lives in an Airstream trailer. The Richards are some of my absolute favorite people. They've provided a hitching post for me and my assorted friends and relatives as we drive up and down the coast between my place in Santa Cruz and my dad's house south of San Diego. They probably know more about my life than most people do. They were excited to meet Andre after hearing so much about him. In the morning, Sally, Andre, Scruffles the dog and I all walked over to the Marina Park. Sally and Scruffles couldn't stay long because Sally had an appointment, so Andre and I walked out to the point and watched some fishermen. They had caught two large halibuts and a baby shark early in the morning, but were still hanging in there. Somehow, I don't have the patience for that activity, plus it made me sad to see that the fish were still alive in the cooler. Then Andre and I pedaled the Richards' paddle boat around the marina, checking out all the nice homes and getting some good exercise. Daniel and I used to put Maya in the middle and do the same thing. Sometimes, when she and I stayed in Ventura by ourselves, we would also take the boat out, but her legs weren't long enough to help much. Finally, around noon, we packed it up and got back on the road, taking the coast road to Venice Beach.

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