Friday, July 5, 2013

Tripping around Cappadocia, Turkey

Our hotel, Kismet Cave House, best one in Goreme, Turkey. Our host Faruk is very helpful and friendly.

Every morning at Kismet Cave House we have a wonderful breakfast buffet.

Here is Michelle, enjoying the view and the healthy, locally produced breakfast.

Faruk arranged a Green Tour of the Underground Villages for us.

Our first stop was a great view of Goreme panorama.

We had 10 minutes to take photos of ourselves and each other.

This is a nearby village where we drove with the group.
Our wonderful guide Nadria took us to see Ihlara Valley.

There are miles of trails through Ihlara Valley, but we did a short hike.

First we had to go down the steps to the valley floor.

Nadria showed us where the ancient monks meditated.

Here I am meditating. Not!

Some Turkish women enjoying the stream in Ihlara Valley.

Our restaurant where we ate along the riverside in Belisirma Village.

I got the fish dinner, which was very fresh and delicious.

Then we went to Selime Monastery

Our new Turkish-American friend, an ESL teacher in North Carolina.

The view from Selime Monastery

Inside the monastery

Michelle and Anna, the granddaughter of the ESL teacher

Coca Cola gets a Turkish touch

A happy vendor makes a 50 cent sale.

Another happy doll maker
Next Nadria took us to the underground city. This one was connected to another by a 7 km tunnel.
Inside the Derinkuyu Underground City

Our group included the Turkish-American 3 generations family, an Italian couple, a couple from San Francisco, Michelle and me, and 4 Korean photo students.

Pigeon Valley. They used pigeons for sending messages and for their egg whites which they used for paintings.
Our last stop was for "free" sampling of Turkish Delight. Of course, many of us bought some to take with us. I bought roasted apricot pits. They taste similar to almonds.

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