Thursday, July 4, 2013

My first day in Istanbul

Of course we had to visit a carpet salesman. He started out at $4685. His last price was $3300 for two 6'x9' carpets delivered to my door in Santa Cruz. Tempting, but still out of my budget.

The famous Blue Mosque was only a 5-minute walk from our hotel.

This building called Aya Sofia was originally a church, then a mosque. Now it has been converted into a museum which celebrates both Islam and Christianity.

It's important to have shoes that slip on and off in Turkey so you can visit the mosques more easily.

The inside of a mausoleum next to Aya Sofia.

Inside the mausoleum

Ceiling of the mausoleum

Tombs of men have write turbans. Females are unadorned.

I bought some roasted chestnuts

Michelle and I ate at a little cafeteria on the trolley line.

The New Mosque was built in the late 1500s

Turkish women use their headscarves to make fashion statements

At every mosque there is an explanation for the tourists of proper attire to enter the temple.

This tourist is properly covered.

Time for the men to pray.

Many young students of English work as volunteers and are easily spotted by their "Ask Me" t-shirts.

Beautiful tea sets for sale in the bazar.

I have no idea when they use these amazing dresses. The sign says Do Not Touch in Turkish, at least that's what we guessed.

Michelle in the market

Always a good idea to buy a long-sleeved cool blouse.

Everybody was out shopping even though it was a weekday.

The Grand Bazaar

Michelle poses in front of the circumcision outfits

Scarves for sale in the Grand Bazaar

The Grand Bazaar

Looks like recycling to me

The food is amazing

I wasn't really sure how to put on this one-piece robe and scarf, but I did finally figure it out. This isn't it.

Michelle brought her own scarf.

This is a big day for this boy: circumcision day

Blue Mosque from another angle

These explanations are very helpful.

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