Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Andre and I will be getting married at 4:00 at city hall in Santa Cruz. We're expecting 8 guests, 9 if Daniel can get off work in time to join us. A really nice clerk at city hall told me yesterday that we can ask to do the ceremony on the back lawn overlooking the San Lorenzo River. I was worried about that ugly concrete building with harsh fluorescent lights. Our photographer Gabriel should get some nice shots outside in nature.

While Andre's in his ESL class, I have to run around for a few last minute things, like gardenias for us to wear and tax papers for our meeting with the Immigration Project tomorrow. I'm revising the template for our wedding ceremony, but mostly Andre wants to stick to tradition and nixed my idea of saying anything in Creole, his native tongue.

I'm very excited about the dress I found on craigslist. It's a slinky burgundy floor-length dress, exactly the same color as the flower girl dress that Maya wore for her Auntie Marian's wedding. Maya would have loved to see her Mommy and Andre get married. At least everyone who is joining us today were all close friends and family to Maya, bringing her spirit closer to us on this special day.

I received a sweet email this morning from my German "Schwester" (sister) Christine. I lived with her and her parents, Papa and Mutti Droop, in the summer of 1974 as an exchange student. I've been back to visit them in Stemshorn, Germany many times since then. Of course they fell in love with Maya, and now they're anxious to meet Andre. Papa is 82 and Mutti just celebrated her 80th. I hope he can get a German visa while they're still around.

Well, I think it's time to get ready for the big day....

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Joy W. said...

Mazel Tov!
Joy and Arthur