Saturday, August 9, 2008


I posted a new short video to YouTube called "Andre in San Francisco." You can watch it by opening up YouTube and typing in "chelseamaya." That should bring up the four videos I've posted so far.

In the past nine days I've been to Urgent Care twice, the dermatologist once, and now the emergency room two times, all because of a mysterious infection and a pyogenic grandeloma on my left thumb. I couldn't sleep the whole time because of the shooting pain. After the surgery, my thumb looks like a rabid dog tried to chew it off, but hopefully healing has begun. Either way, on Tuesday I'll be wearing a ring and a bandage on my left hand. You know me -- nothing conventional.

The worst part is, I've been forbidden to swim, play racquetball, do martial arts, and probably not even Zumba dance class. I'm trying to walk a lot and I still ride my bike gingerly. I never realized how useful thumbs are. I remember reading that use of our thumb is what separates us from other animals. I feel like a lowly slug these days.

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