Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lots to see in Curitiba

PHOTO CAPTIONS: 1. & 2. The Botanical Gardens, 3. The Oscar Niemeyer Museum, 4. preschoolers in the Paseo Publico city park, 5. Andre becomes art in the Niemeyer Museum.

Here in Curitiba we’ve seen the Botanical Gardens, the Oscar Niemeyer Museum, the Historic District, Passeio Publico zoo and park, Santa Felicidade Italian district, the old train station which is now a shopping center, and many cathedrals, parks and plazas. Andre now owns 3 Brazilian flags and 4 Brazilian soccer jerseys, but his favorite team is Argentina, so I’m sure he’ll buy even more souvenirs there.

The new hard drive for my MacBook arrived in one day instead of the estimated one week, so we stayed an extra day in Curitiba so we won’t have to come back this way. We’ve enjoyed this city, despite the gray, drizzly weather. The people are so warm and friendly, and everything is clean and organized.

I’m sorry to see all the wildfires in my hometown of San Diego. My parents haven’t been evacuated even though there are fires about 3 miles from their house. Jessica Wawrzyniak, one of the photographers at Maya’s memorial party, was evacuated, but doesn’t think there was damage to her family’s house in Rancho Bernardo. There are floods in Rio de Janeiro, so I guess we’re lucky to be where we are.

Tomorrow morning we ride the Serra Verde train towards the coast to a town called Morretes. The train line from Morretes to Paranagua is being renovated, so we’ll have to do that part of the trip by bus. This will be Andre’s first time on a train. I read that it’s one of the most scenic routes in Brazil. I’m a total train nut, so I’m really looking forward to it.

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