Thursday, July 3, 2008

Check out our new videos!

I just made a few little videos in iMovie on my laptop. I hope you enjoy them.

To access them, just open,

then type in "chelseamaya" to access my account. So far, I have only three videos: the one I posted 9 months ago when we flew over the falls of Iguazu in a helicopter, one called "Our Trip to Southern California," and the latest "Our Trip to Sea World, San Diego." They're a little rough, but hey, I'm learning.

Tomorrow we are "Leaving for Las Vegas" with our friends Daniel and Debbie. A childhood friend owns a timeshare in Kauai, Hawaii. We had hoped to go there for Maya's 11th birthday on June 17, but because of the prohibitive price on flights at the last minute (we had to wait for Andre to arrive in the U.S. before purchasing flights), we traded the week for the Grandview in Las Vegas. We're expecting to have a really HOT time.

And NO, we are NOT getting married in Vegas. I don't care how much fun it would be to have an Elvis impersonator marry us, I need a prenuptial agreement first. We still have 7 more weeks to make that decision.

When we get back Andre will start his summer ESL classes at Santa Cruz Adult School and get a job. He still wants to take martial arts, play soccer and racquetball, ride bikes and run on West Cliff, and watch videos in English, so he may have to settle for part-time work. I need him to start working, not so much for the money as for the time to do all my projects and catch up on house/rental repairs and maintenance.

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