Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Racquetball tournament online

Just a quick note from the World Juniors Racquetball Championships in Cochabamba, Bolivia. Andre and I arrived here from Sucre via a 10-hour night bus ride over the Andes. I barely slept at all, so I had an eerie view of the precarious route. Now I see why they only travel at night. Otherwise, people would be too terrified of the windy mountainous route. Lots of hairpin turns. There was no bathroom on the bus, so we had to stop every few hours, once along the roadside where a few hearty souls -- myself included -- got out in the wee hours and squatted.

If you want to watch these matches online for free (you register, but no junk mail, Pablo assured me), it's a live-cam right here at the Country Club Cochabamba until the finals on Thursday, Dec. 20. The next day Andre and I will fly to my cousin Zak's in Puerto Montt, Chile.


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